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External Envelope Cladding.

We offer a wide range of cladding options. We can form any of the materials listed below to create almost any shaped facade. Our main focus is based around ACM panel systems (Sealed & Rainscreen) from the following suppliers:

Alusuisse Alcan, based in Germany.

Alcan Composites provide Alucobond & Dibond. Follow both these links to see the specification of these materials.

Reynolds Aluminium based in France.

Reynolds are a wholly own subsidiary of Alcoa, one of the worlds leading aluminium company. To download a specification sheet or a colour chart, please click here.

Alberico Group, based in Spain.

This manufacturer produces the Larson ACM. Please follow this link to see the specifications of this product.

There are many ways of jointing the panels, both with aluminium extrusions or by returning the edges to form recessed or close bolted joints. The support structure for these panels comprises of mitred aluminium extrusions.Please see our Portfolio pages for examples of our installations.

We also offer Trespa Meteon composite panel systems, Louvre Systems, Terracotta Tiling systems, from James & Taylor, & Prodema Lignum Natural Wood Panel systems, Pressed Aluminium Panels (Polyester Powder Coated) & associated trims / Flashings.